Thanksgiving felt a little different, yesterday

For the first time, I was granted a thanksgiving meal, delicious and well laid out, with a part of my daughter’s in-laws. Mark, the man I doubt I’ll ever have to pull up short, since dad’s never cease protecting their little girls, gave me a ride over to his mother’s. The best part about the day was that Mark’s mom being the one who, without a prodding by Jordan, invited her dad.

Mark and Jordan

Our meal was moist turkey and stuffing along with those rooted vegetable, Jordan shared with us and, yes, the pumpkin pie was to die for. 

Conversations were excellent, in all directions. Of course football proved inevitable and I kept my distance from that topic. Diane’s, Mark’s mom, told me some of her life history. The man to be my son-in-law’s uncle was there, as well. He told me, at length about lower back pain, his history in the military and several tales of family history.

Mark and I spent time talking over biology, physics and AI. This young man does know how to worm his way into my life.

This morning my brother and I are headed back to the ranch to spend this weekend with our mother and to do several, necessary repairs around the fields and pastures. With things, I actually like doing, yet to happen I expect this to turnout to be the best Thanksgiving I known. 

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