Beta OS 11 and

Back when Apple did it’s first WWDC, remotely, it clued us in on moving on from keeping us encapsulated in OS 10 and releasing it’s users/followers into OS 11. By the next day an email showed up in my .me account asking whether I would be willing to beta-test OS 11, early on.

I knew this meant that a few applications would become useless, e.g., my security applications in particular! Nonetheless, I took up the challenge and grit my teeth–no dental appointments followed on the heels of this decision.

Now, onto the serious point. Sophos, naturally, keeps itself locked down and viturally does not talk with, nor accepts information from its’ users for good reason. I whole heartedly agree with this stance to just about 99.9% of the time. Their efforts to keep the viruses, worms and whatever other terminology is now arising from breaking in on their secure work is critical!

Yet, when I attempted to tell them about being able to regain full service between my Macbook Pro, while still running a new beta version of OS 11 and Sophos I was turned away.

This will not turn me away from Sophos nor will it keep me from attending their quarterly meeting on innovative changes, once those restart as COVID-19 has sufficiently receeded. What it will do is keep me from attempting to share what I have learned with them.

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